Undergraduate UX Design Capstone

Fred Hutch
. teen vaping cessation
mobile app design


In my last two quarters at the University of Washington, I participated industry-sponsored collaboration studio as my undergraduate UX capstone thesis. Our team partnered with Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, a non-profit research institute dedicated to the study of heart surgery, cancer, and diseases of the endocrine system.

The goal of this six-month project is to improve the existing smoke quitting app, Quit2Heal, adapting it and making it more engaging to youth (age 13 to 17) vaping community.

Time Frame: Jan. 2022 to June 2022
Role: Student UX Designer
Involvement: Usability Study, Interface Design, Prototyping
Team: Yudian Xu, Sam Ding, Yida Li

Our project is currently under preliminary usability study on the existing Quit2Heal app. The Goal is to figure out users' engagement on the current app, investigating unforeseen usability issues.

Project is under NDA. Please check back in July for the complete writeup.

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