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During summer 2021, I worked as a UX design intern in the Design Foundation Team, which collaborates with designers across the company to ensure the diversity of thinking and to gain understanding about the deeper needs of individual product teams and business units at GoDaddy. My Team is currently focusing on implementing the North Star created in 2020, which is a vision of GoDaddy's design and product strategy in next 3 to 5 years.

My intern project specifically focuses on designing and delivering the Global Utility Navigation strategy and Account Menu Experience, aligning with the North Star Vision.

Time: June. 2021 to Sept. 2021
Role: UX Design Intern
Involvement: Design System
Team: Design Foundation at GoDaddy


In Summary, here is what I accomplished:

  • Proposed design recommendation of interactive states and dark/light mode version of Global Utility Navigation that provides access to all system level utilities/tasks for customers and Account Menu Experience that allows customers to perform account level actions.

  • Worked cross functionally to connect with PMs, stakeholders to understand individual business requirement and with engineers to learn the implementation constrains.

  • Implemented both Global Utility Nav and Account Menu component with the engineering team.

  • Conducted 5 unmoderated A/B testings with 20 GoDaddy users for each test to compare the current Account Menu Experience and the proposed design recommendations.

  • Crafted high quality presentations for the implementation strategies and design language documentations.

  • Presented design iterations, documentations, and proposals to the senior design leadership.

. Reflections

The internship was definitely the most memorable career enrichment experience for me before entering into the industry as a student. I learned a lot during such a short period time.

  1. Understanding peers in the team:

    It was beneficial to get to know everyone in a team via 1:1 meetings during the onboarding week to understand their workflow and expectations! being in a team consisting designers with more than 10 years of experience can be intimidating. Getting to know people in the team can help to increase the efficiency of communications and collaborations.

  2. Learning to navigate through conflicting feedback:

    Although understanding everyone's perspectives is essential to move forward but can be conflicting sometimes, I learned to make more informed decision about my design with stronger rationales.

  3. Receiving & giving feedback:

    Sharing design and asking questions when getting stuck is not a sign of showing weakness. Instead, knowing where my stand is is a faster way of learning and growing.

  4. Storytelling & public speaking:

    From the soft skill standpoint, I learned to speak about my work as a process rather than a series of activities to show my design thinking. Working cross functionally, I also learned to break down the complex problems into relatable analogies while bringing alignment across my audiences.

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