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Project Highlight.

This project was completed during the 9th Annual WINFO Hackathon, hosted by Women in Informatics, a student organization at the University of Washington Information School.

For this hackathon, we were challenged to utilize our diverse skillsets and perspectives to produce a product that connects people for the betterment and advancement in technology and the world.

In this project, I was responsible for creating visual style guides, and prototyping interface interactions in Figma. In the end, we were listed as the one of three "Best Design" awards.

Time Frame: Jan. 17 to 18 2021 (36-h virtual hackathon)
Involvement: Secondary Research, Experience Design, Rapid Prototyping
Team: Alvin (Haerim) Jeong

. Outcome

The theme of the year was "Hacking Forward, Together." Throughout the year of 2021, the goal is aiming to connect community during this outstanding time, while bridging diverse values and experiences to cohesively lead technological innovations.

Our final product is called reTreet, which is a mobile platform that helps people who are struggling with mental health issues to cope with their personal challenges. In the end, our team was recognized as one of the top three finalists under the "Best Design" Category.


Mental Health Issues are ubiquitous...

There are Over 60% reported disruptions to mental health for vulnerable people, including children and adolescents (72%), older adults (70%), and women requiring antenatal or postnatal services (61%).

With the current rise of mental health issues, especially during this extraordinary time, how can technology assist?

Users' Voices

This quarantine is killing me. I felt I am the only one suffering from Bipolar Depression, I want to talk to people!"
I really wanna privately share this great song that helped me overcome mental health issues..."
Would it be nice to have a platform for sharing and exploring mental-health related ideas?"


While brainstorming how to make the final product more interesting, especially for coping with mental health and isolation, I sketched out the concept of this "community tree" on iPad below. This step helped me and my teammate determine the overall direction of the design.

We thought of our design concept a "community tree" that presents various mental-health coping strategies (tips, resources, song sharing, and etc.) as colorful bubbles on the tree, allowing users the freedom to explore based on their personal interests and needs.

Brainstormed User Flow


High-Fidelity Design

. Prototyping

First-time Survey

A set of questions concerns users' recent feeling and past diagnoses. reTreet will generate a personalized "community tree" based on the survey result.

The "Community Tree"

Each post is encoded as circles whose size vary based on the community’s attention on it.

Share Musics

Share songs that’s been helpful through hard times (or anytime).

Share Resources

Articles, videos, remedies, share valuable insights with the community to cope mental health issues.

Share your stories

Share your stories to share how you are feeling or what you are going through. Feel free to encourage people through your stories as well.

Share Resources

Simple statistics about how many posts a user has put up. In addition, users could access “liked” posts through “My Boards” and change questionnaire, which filled when logged in as a first-time user, periodically.

Professional Helps

Connect with mental health professionals for extra help when needed and view posts about tips for self-care.

. Reflection

By the end of the event, our team was recognized as the top 3 finalists for "Best Design" Category!

Although this product was designed within two days, with limited research conducted, there are still more to achieve if we had more time to expand the scope into a long term project:

  • Do more extensive research on users group of mental health issues to learn their behaviors, needs, and hopes.

  • Collaborate with psychological professionals to develop a plan that could be incorporated into the product to cope mental health

  • Iterate, test, and re-iterate!!

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