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A collection of my fun explorations...

Physical Computing & Prototype

Winter 2022
A series of 10-week explorations on Arduino, creative coding, and interactive prototyping.
Project page here.
Tools: Arduino, bunches of wires and LEDs...
Skills: Physical prototyping, coding, electronics

Commercial Video

Summer 2021 Internship Side Project
A video promoting GoDaddy's core domain registration and web building product, utilizing motion graphics to tell the story of a girl who successfully builds her own website and brand.
Tool: AfterEffect
Skills: Motion design, storytelling

Lines & Dots

Summer 2021
While I was learning to use AfterEffect for fun, I created a 50-second motion graphics with only elements of lines and dots in black and white as practice in design and composition.
Background music credits to here.
Tool: AfterEffect
Skill: Motion design

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Type Anatomy & Composition Exercises

Typographic Lyric Poster

Fall 2021
This is a poster promoting Ed Sheeran's upcoming concert, exploring the expressive qualities of type to convey the emotion of the lyrics of Photograph.
Link here to the write up.
Tools: Photoshop, InDesign
Skills: Graphic design, grid & layout, typography

Monthly Wall Paper

Flat Illustration, Patterns, and Vector Art

Memoirs of a Geisha
Movie Poster

Winter 2020
This is my first graphic design practice, with the application of typeface and watercolor drawing to express the main theme of the movie—water.
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
Skills: Graphic design, painting

Doritos Sustainable
Package Design

Winter 2021
A graphic design project redesigning food packages focusing on sustainability.
Case study here
Tools: Photoshop, Figma