. feeling hot in the summer? maybe aCute Fan can help you!

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The is an individual project that integrates the electronics skills learned in physical computing class into a working prototype. The implementation of this project must include at least one input device and one output device.

Inspired by how AC works, I built a mini fan that allows users to set the temperature to turn on/off the fan depending the room temperature.

Time Frame: Feb. 28 to Mar. 11 2022 (2 Weeks)
Involvement: Physical Computing, Interactive Prototyping, Product design
Mentor: Nadya Peek

. Creative

My final project is a conceptual extension of assignment 5, using higher voltage transistor and a motor. In addition to the original implementation, I added a LCD screen and a packed enclosure to make it into a mini installation that can be played with.


Do you remember the summer in 2021 in Seattle that every air conditioners online haven been completely sold out? While the environment needed to be cooled down, it is definitely nice to have such a mini fan that can blow some wind on your face in this situation.

The principle how this product works is exactly the same as an AC. When the environment temperature is 72 degree but you desire it to be 70, the AC is on in this case. Otherwise when the environment temperature falls under 70, the AC is automatically turned off.

Circuitry & Schematic

While implementing the circuits, I was using mini breadboards to separate different input/output devices to make sure the 9v higher voltage battery will not have noise impact on LCD display, and it worked! The fan was spinning!

Then I put all together into one small breadboard to make the design tight and neat.


The max current value from the external power source is 2A, which is way below the max current value of 32A for MOSFET at room temperature. In my code, when the environment temperature is above the setting temperature, I set the motor speed to be 255, which allows the fan to run in a desirable speed and also limit the current.

The Form

Because the project is going to be a workable product, I was actively considering its form while sketching the ideas in my mind. The purpose of this product is not only providing audiences current temperature/humidity information, but also being a cute installation design and a home decoration with a fan that can be toggled/played with.


Thinking how to realize what I have sketched, I decided to use cardboard to enclose the circuit because it is easier to make any adjustments later if there would be anything wrong.


While considering aesthetics of this product, I experimented the enclosure with cotton materials to give fluffy and playful feeling. However, it turned out that the cotton would twine the fan and prevent it from spinning.

Final Design

I wrapped the white cardboard with a layer of white paper tape to make the edges look neater and cleaner, and also a cardboard base with "Today is a new day" slogan.

How it Works

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