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and live healthy!


LiquidLab is a boutique and privately owned cold press juice bar offering their customers unique customized juices and smoothies.

The objective of this project is to design a "long-scroll" style landing page for LiquidLab. The goal of design is to visually communicate the company's brand mission that provides audiences juice selection plan in order to help them reach their healthy goal and maintain a good lifestyle.

In this project, I designed a logo, and landing pages that are responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Time Frame: Aug. 2020 (4 Weeks)
Role: Visual Designer
Team: Independent Work

. Discovering
Visual Styles

The Strategy

In my design, I aim to convince juice enthusiasts and juice newbies that juicing is nutrient-rich and has positive impact on people’s health in addition to regular healthy lifestyle.

My overall visual strategy is to make sure that audiences could have a clean and fresh view when browsing products through the website.

User Stories

As a health and nutrition conscious, I need to drink juice as my additional health diet so that I can supplement my current lifestyle."
As a health and nutrition individual, I would like to introduce healthier and more accessible practices to my life in addition to gym, exercise programs, and doctor’s directions in order to help myself lead a healthier life style without too much interruption to my current lifestyle."

Key Words


Upon deciding on the target audiences that my visual design is communicating , I started a little bit research on how my brainstormed keys words of "Boutique," "Fruits," and "Green" could be portrayed with other elements on different contexts. The purpose of doing this is to express my thoughts of an overall vibe and the visual direction that I am heading to.

Pinky Green
Fruits under the Sea
Theme 1: Boutique

Logo Explorations

While ideating and iterating on the brand logo, I experimented with several type choices based on the combination of different font families, weight, shapes. I decided to choose Berkshire Swash in combination with Futura to give a feel of "semi-sweet" juice yet a bold flair in my logo design.

I finally combined the logo type with an orange slice with a liquid drop to create a lively sense that "a piece of orange slice is stuck on a glass of juice."

Web Style Iterations

I explored web design with different combination of colors and typefaces.

Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteraction 3

Final Designs

Desktop Display

Tablet View

Mobile View

. Reflections

This was my first experience working with a client designing the brand identity of a local startup. It was always fun and interesting to go through different logo iteration and to design the landing page layouts. However, if I was given more time to work on this project, I would definitely visit the juice company and talk to owners to get more insights on LiquidLab's brand history and feedbacks on my design: What works well and what does not, which would give me more opportunities to design a better user experience in the future!

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